October 11, 2013

BFF Review: Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy

BFF Review
Few weeks ago I got sucked in by a commercial that promised an end to dry and itchy scalp. I was super excited, because I found a coupon for it and was able to get this duo for less than 2$ (I think retail it's close to 5-6$).

Let me tell you, this stuff BURNS.

Here is how first night went:
Get in the shower. La la la. Pour some shampoo on my hand. (On a side note: these bottles are not designed for shower use- I struggled to get any product out. They have a teeny tiny little slot for the product to come out at the bottom of the awkwardly shaped bottle.) Lather, massage my scalp per instructions on the bottle. It stung a little but I figured it was momentary and the conditioner would help soothe my scalp. I followed up with the conditioner only to immediately rinse it off because it made the burning sensation even worse. I kept rinsing my hair out to make the pain go away, but it would not stop. 

Once I got out of the shower, my scalp was still on fire. It stung for another 15 minutes or so. Afterwards, my scalp was red and not happy.

I'm not really sure what caused this reaction. I didn't think I had a very sensitive scalp, (Just the regular kind with occasional dandruff.) so I was really surprised that this shampoo and conditioner had such a negative effect on me.

Over the next few weeks, I stayed away from this product. I tried using both things separately with different items, but the result was always the same.

These bottles have been in my shower for way too long. I think I will have to throw them away. I might try using them for shaving- just because I don't like wasting things. I can't even bring myself to try and give it a friend because I do not want to cause unnecessary pain.

If you decide to buy these, definitely try and check out some samples before you purchase the whole bottle. 

Have you tried this product?


  1. Oh no! I loved this shampoo! It really helped me after a chunk of my hair fell out my senior year! I'm sorry you didn't like it though! ):

    I hope you can find something to make your scalp feel better!


    1. Aww Thanks Brittany! It feels much better now since I stopped using it. I can't believe this shampoo helped you.. maybe I just got an off bottle or something...

  2. Ahh no, I hope your scalp is okay and still not hurting! Thanks for the honest review :)

    Lucy | a little of lucy

    1. It feels much muuuuuch better after I stopped using it. :) Maybe my scalp is extra sensitive? Although Ive never had any problems before.

  3. I haven't tried this product but thanks for the honest review. I hope your scalp is better now, xoxo.

    1. It tottally does feel better! I hope this review helped someone. :)

  4. Hope your poor scalp is doing better! Since I started school at Paul Mitchell that's all I use. I could give you a good recommendation ;)

  5. Hope your scalp is better! Thanks for sharing this review!


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  7. This sounds like it was more trouble than it was worth ahah!
    Great post :)
    I've literally just revamped my whole blog and I'd love you to take a look and comment what you think!

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