September 30, 2013

September Favorites

September Favorites
Let's start with hair care.

1. I've discovered a new dry shampoo, it is a Dove Dry Shampoo Nourish + Care. It's a great substitute for my Suave one that was featured in the 10 under $10 post. The smell is not over powering. The selling point for me was the fact that it doesn't leave your hair with white residue. It only does that if you spray quite a lot on, but you only need a little mist to get your hair looking refreshed.

2. L'Oreal Ever Creme Deep Nourishing Mask is amazing and worth all the hype that it has been getting lately. I found a little sample of this in my bathroom and I was instantly hooked. As soon as I put the product into my hair it made my hair super soft. The mask smells really nicely, like a high end product with maybe a hint of vanilla. It has no sulfates and is free of heavy waxes.


3. Sally Hansen Nail Strips are super convenient and easy to use for accent nails. See how Clara did her nails using a nail sticker in blue polka dots on our Instagram. It looks fabulous!

4. I've finally tried the L'Oreal Nail Polish in shade 111 'not a cloud in sight',  shown above. It is such a pretty shade of blue. I couldn't resist. I only had to use one coat to get a great color opacity. And it's only 5$!


5. Revenge (TV Series). This is seriously my guilty pleasure lately. I don't remember the last time I was so into a show. What I love most about this show is how the main character (Emily) is a bad ass. There is no other way to describe her. The show is located in the Hamptons, which has such an amazing scenery. I love the fashion as well, even though it does not play as big of a role in the second season. The show is just so suspenseful- I never know what's around the corner!

6. Emergency- C in Pink Lemonade. Fall is officially here and with that comes flu/ cold season. I'm suffering through one of those right now and drinking this helps me feel a bit more energized. Pink Lemonade is so far my favorite flavor. 

What are your September Favorites?

September 28, 2013

College Wardrobe: Pants. Skirts and Dresses

College Wardrobe: Pants, skirts and dresses

In the last edition of the College Wardrobe I'd like to talk about what are some of the essential dresses, skirts and pants to have in college. The previous editions: [tops][shoes][accessories]

I think one of the most important items in any closet, but especially a college wardrobe, are a nice pair of dark wash denim. They make your legs appear longer and add a layer of sophistication. As I've mentioned before, this another great way to look a little bit more mature than you might feel.

It is good to have a nice pair of perfectly distressed jeans, because you can not be all serious in college. You need to have some fun and this will probably the last few years when you can get away with wearing pants with holes in them. I like to have a pair that is slightly distressed but does not look sloppy. No huge knee holes for me. No holes on the back area either. 

A pencil skirt is a must. A black one will go with any top, but a patterned one will make you stand out from the crowd. It is good to have one in case of an impromptu interview. You could also transform it into a going out skirt- just add some sparkly shoes or a top. 

It is always nice to have some dresses, because they are so easy to wear. I'd suggest getting a floral dress . Wearing a busy print (such as florals) can be distracting, so if you pulled an all nighter and don't want to look it, use this dress as disguise. 

Make sure to pack a flirty-fun dress that you feel good in that you can dress up or down. There are plenty of occasions in college when you are unsure of what to wear. Having a dress that I felt great in saved me so many times. 

And last but not least is a little black dress. I think everyone should own one (at least). If you are trying to impress someone (*cough ex-boyfriend cough*) or score a great seats in a restaurants, wearing a L.B.D. helps boost your confidence level. Black dresses are slimming and make you look like you have your life together, even when you don't.

What are some of your College Wardrobe Essentials?

September 25, 2013

Fancy Wallets

Fancy Wallets
Fancy Wallets
Clockwise starting with the red stud wallet from GoJane/ perforated white kiss-lock from Charlotte Russe
green suede chain linked quilted from TopShop/ blue wallet from John Lewis
b&w zig zag and leather studded wallets from Target

When I go out on the weekends I don't like to carry around a huge purse. When you're at the club or at a bar, having to drag a handbag is a party no-no.

So what's my solution?
A cute wallet.

You might be thinking... why just buy a nice clutch? Well, in my opinion, I think a wallet is better because during the daytime you can easily revert back to using it as an accessory and just throw it into a bag for daily use while shopping or running errands; meanwhile a clutch is its own sort of bag... and a bag in a bag makes no sense.

On the left side I've chosen 3 wristlets, which are smaller wallets that you can carry by wrapping them around your wrist . These are perfect for going out dancing because you don't have to worry about dropping or losing your valuables. The wallets on the right are your traditional wallets with a bit of an edge. These are great for dinner night out or a bar meeting with friends.

Do you replace your handbag with just a wallet? What are your reasons?

September 23, 2013

Tea Time

It's finally getting cold enough to drink warm tea and chill out at home with a blanket in the evening. Here are some of our favorite teas of the season.
Tea Time

1. Stash Lemon Ginger Tea
This tea is not just for when you're sick. I love drinking it in the fall. I usually add a little bit of honey to it. Also, I do not steep it for very long because I don't like a strong ginger flavor in my tea. 

2. Tazo Zen Green Tea
This tea has a blend of lemongrass and spearmint. I think that's why this green tea tastes so good and not like grass juice. I usually drink it without anything in it (sometimes I add honey). 

3. Celestial Seasonings Chocolate Caramel Chai
This is as delicious as it sounds. I stumbled upon this chai during holiday season and it has been a favorite ever since. I usually add a splash of milk to make it into a 'tea latte'. It tastes much better than chai from any coffee shop in the area- in my opinion. 

4. Twinning's English Breakfast Tea
Black tea is my ultimate favorite. This brand makes the best one in my opinion. I'd like to think that this is the tea that ALL British people drink. Thus by drinking this tea I feel very posh and British. ;)

5. Stash Peach Black Tea
This is a delicious black tea. I really like black tea so adding a new flavor to something that I already love is a definite winner in my book.  I usually add a little sprinkle of sugar.

What kind of tea do you drink? 

September 20, 2013

College Wardrobe:Accessories

College Wardrobe:Accessories

The easiest way to change up a simple outfit is to add an accessory . There are so many different patterns and multiple ways of tying scarves that this option is limitless. You could also throw on a statement necklace and get away with a jeans + white tee combo any day. They are both quite easy to pack and are pretty inexpensive.  A lazy top knot looks much better if you pair it with some elaborate earrings.

Just a little tip don't go overboard and try to wear a statement necklace and big earrings at the same time. There only a few cases where that looks chic, in all other cases it is a fashion fail.

For the love of Chanel and everything sacred, please do not under any circumstances bring really expensive jewelry or family heirlooms to your dorm room. While you may trust all your roommates and everyone who lives on your floor it is just not safe to bring such important artifacts. If you can keep them at your home.

Another important 'accessory' is a classic bag. While having a tote for everyday classes and cute clutch for nights out is great, I believe that adding a classic bag to your college wardrobe is a necessity. It will help you stand out from a crowd, whether it is at a sorority meeting or a date.

What are some of your essential accessories?

September 13, 2013

Summer Reading

For the last few weeks of summer I have been on a reading roll. I've picked up quite a few books and decided to write mini reviews of them. I'm a sucker for pretty covers (I try really hard to not judge a book by its cover but just look at these books! How can the stories inside them not be anything but awesome?)
Summer Reading
1. Jill Mansel Nadia Knows Best
Nadia is stranded due to a snowstorm where she meets Jay, who helps her get out of her car. She assumes he is gay and acts like her normal self, because she does not think that she has to impress a gay man with her wittiness and being sexy. She eventually learns that Jay is quite the opposite of a gay man. She battles with her own emotions, her current boyfriend and her quirky & crazy family throughout the novel in order to discover who occupies the biggest place in her heart. I liked all of the characters, especially Millie's crazy family and I like that the author included many points of view. I laughed out loud a lot throughout this novel.

2. Jill Mansel Millie's Fling
Millie is dumped by her boyfriend when she tries to save a suicidal famous book author. One night she goes out and on her way back she finds a wallet. She decides to prank call the owner of the wallet and finds herself attracted to his deep voice. She immediately regrets the prank call and tries to make up for her immaturity by meeting up with the owner for a drink. Millie is an average, real woman so it is easy to relate to her. After she is dumped by her scum boyfriend she declares to have a man-free summer and even wagers a bet with her roommate. She also agrees to have a book written about her by the suicidal famous author. She falls for the 'wallet owner' Hugh, but his past life keeps them from being together. Another fun read from Jill Mansel. I enjoy her style of writing and wittiness.

3. Huntley Fitzpatrick My Life Next Door
A big and loud family moves in next door to a quiet and organized family of three. The main character, Samantha, observes the family next door and eventually falls in love with one of the boys, Jase- much to her mother's disapproval. Samantha has grown up quite privileged, whereas Jase has learned to take care of his family from a very young age. It is fun to read about the different dynamics of both families. Samantha is cool and laid back. Jase is so sweet and family oriented. Then something terrible happens and the couple is forced to make a decision that impacts their relationship.

I liked that the main characters were very mature and I really liked the way Sam's and Jase's relationship was described. Their first kiss, their trip to the store to buy condoms, how they dealt with George (the curious younger brother of Jase). Light and real and quirky read.  The book did not feel like a YA novel. I liked the author's sense of humor. The only negative is that the ending wasn't much of an ending. I was left not knowing what happened to most of the main secondary characters. 

4. Gemma Burgess Brooklyn Girls
The main character Pia gets fired from her new job faster than someone can take a photo down on Facebook. During her hunt for a new job she discovers a new passion. In order to impress her strict parents, she sets up her own business and runs it successfully with many tragic occurrences. She lives in Brooklyn with few other girls. They struggle with life, boys and dating just like every other twenty something single girl does. 

This book was just okay in my opinion. There were too many aspects that I just could not relate to or ones that I did not think were believable. The main character was empathetic, but at times really annoyed me. 

Have you read any of these books? What books do you recommend? 

September 10, 2013

College Wardrobe: Tops and Jackets

College Wardrobe: Tops&jackets

Welcome to another edition of the College Wardrobe essentials! If you'd like to see our picks for shoes, click here

★  A completely essential piece of clothing that you absolutely will need in college is a nice blazer. As I mentioned in this post you will be attending a lot of professional meetings and if you want to make a good impression- throwing on a smart structured blazer helps.
We like this jacket from Aeropostale.

A button down oxford shirt is essential for similar reasons. In college, you want to appear professional. I feel like college students have to try harder at being taken seriously because we are considered to be young and immature. By dressing more maturely we are showing that we can be taken seriously. Plus you can wear an oxford shirt casually with some distressed jeans and ray bans. (Lauren Conrad anyone?)
This one is quite affordable-it's from Aeropostale.

A striped shirt is a must in any closet. A striped shirt is so versatile. Bold striped shirts bring attention to you and it looks amazing layered underneath a blazer, with a cardigan or even by itself paired with jeans or a skirt.
Who does classic pieces better than J.Crew? We like this striped top.

★Another staple in a college wardrobe are solid colored tees. These are just perfect to throw on if you woke up late. And they look much better than the T-shirt's with your university's logo, if you're going for a professional but cute look!
Get some inexpensive solid tees at Target!

I'm not sure what it is about universities, but every person that I've spoken to complains about how cold the classrooms are 90% of the year. I'm suggesting you bring a light cozy sweater with you to early classes or you'll hear your teeth chattering more than you'll hear your professors voice. 
                                                             We like this mint green light sweater from Gina Tricot.

★ I'm a firm believer in having a beautiful structured coat. You could be wearing a white Hanes tank top underneath and no one would know. On the outside you will look fabulous and chic. As a college student you are transitioning from a ' Hollister tee shirt high school wearing days' to slightly professional wardrobe. This is a good time to invest in a nice coat that will last you for seasons to come. You could wear it to fancy family dinners, as well as a winter date or a meeting. It is important for the coat to fit you nicely and give you some shape. It might take you a while to find that perfect fit, but when you do, trust me, it will be worth it. 
 We love this beautiful coat from Balmain
(This exact coat is out of our price range- it's for inspiration of finding a similar one elsewhere)

 What are your tops and jackets essentials for this fall or for college students? 

September 09, 2013

September 04, 2013

College wardrobe: Shoes

College Wardrobe:Shoes

Packing for college can be difficult due to lack of space. To help you out, Clara and I (recent college grads) came up with a list of items that are staples and every college student should have in their wardrobe.

★The most important shoe to have in college is without a doubt a pair of nice comfortable black pumps.While in college you will be networking, attending professional dinners and hopefully getting interviews for internships or jobs. Special occasions require nice, dressy shoes and black pumps go with any outfit. Our advice is to bring a pair that you already own and have worn before. Also, make sure that they are not too high and that you can walk and stand in them comfortably for more than 2 hours.
We like this pair from Zappos.

★A very close runner up to a must-have shoe when packing for college are tennis shoes. You will most likely be walking quite a lot between different buildings and around town. I suggest you pack some Keds or Converse, (which are my everyday staple), because they can be fashionable and are classic when kept in a decent shape.
 These classic red ones from Keds are on sale for 30$.

★Boots are another staple shoe. When you are running late to class throw on some skinny jeans and a tee, zip up some boots and you'll look so chic! Not to mention that they keep your feet warm in the winter. Please no UGGs outside of your room-  you're not in high school anymore ;).
Our pick is this gorgeous riding boot pair from Maurices.

★It is also good to have a nice pair of ballet flats, because you can interchange them with tennis shoes when walking long distances. They also look fashionable and pull the whole outfit together. I would suggest spending a little more and getting flats from a more durable material that can last more than one season.
Try these ballet flats from Macys.

Don't forget to bring some sandals too! Cheap rubber ones work great if you have to share a shower (do NOT go barefoot!) and cute summery ones work for any other occasion, such as a football game.
 Some affordable (15$) sandals are these from 2B Bebe

September 03, 2013

In Case You Missed It: Best of August

In case You missed it: August

In case you missed it, in August we:

-reviewed Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation

-discussed "Fault in Our Stars" by John Green

-talked about a weekend featuring orange hair and a wedding

-lusted after Phillip Lim 3.1 Collection for Target (coming VERY soon).

-discovered what tomatoes can do for your hair

-started to dream about fall sweater weather

-chose the right eyeshadow to make eyes look more beautiful

-learned the difference between retro and vintage

-picked our favorite August products