August 31, 2013

August Favorites

Another month has come to an ending, which only means one thing-- time for monthly favorites! This month we have been loving:
August Faves
1. L'Oreal Ever Sleek Frizz Taming Cream Serum 
I picked this up because my current frizz treatment was not working quite well with super damaged (bleached) hair. This works superbly and it does not contain sulfates (which are bad for your hair from what I hear). It tames my frizz and decreases it to a minimum. The surprising aspect of this product is how silky it made my hair feel. I just kept running my hands through my hair all day. My advice is to use a teeny tiny amount of this serum or else your hair will look greasy. It smells nice and luxurious.

2.Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner in Honey, I'm Strong 
This new product from the line makes hair less prone to damage and lessens the amount of hair splitting. As with all the other Herbal Essences products, the smell is pretty fragrant, I think it is amazing, but it is an acquired taste- so make sure you smell this at the store before you buy it. 
3. Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout  
This is my first matte lipstick and so far I've been loving it. Pink Pout is a blue based baby pink (the blueness helps in making your teeth seem whiter). It slightly reminds me of a Barbie Doll pink, but it is quite subtle. The lipstick is slightly drying, so I do have to apply some lip balm after an hour or so, which kinda defeats the purpose of the lipstick being matte, but the shade is pretty nonetheless. 

4. e.l.f. Essential Beauty School 4-Piece Nail Polish Set 
This was such a steal! For 5$ you get 4 big bottles (not the mini versions) of nail polish. The polish lasts for a while when you add a top coat. The colors in the set are so pretty and make me think of summer.

What have you been reaching for this month? 


  1. I've heard a lot about the Revlon lipstick you mentioned. I may have to try it :)

  2. $5 for four big bottles?! That's a great deal!

  3. Really like the nail polish shades. I'm generally drawn to pastel shades ;)!

    xoxo Gozika

  4. I'll definitely have to check out those elf polishes! I usually love the things they make, I'm sure this won't be any exception! (:


  5. I've been loving l'oreal hair products! that definitely looks like one to try out!

    sundays grace

    1. It's the first product I've tried from them and I really enjoyed it. I might try out their shampoo line. :)


  6. Those nail varnishes look great! xx

  7. I love herbal essences too! smells delicious :3

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  9. i love the concept of your blog,
    best friends are awesome.


    am following your lovely blog
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  10. The colour of the lipstick looks lovely!

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  11. new follower! Love your style! I design bracelets, I think you would really like them! Check out my blog if you would like! ;)


  12. I absolutely love the Honey I'm strong products! They are amazing :)

  13. I need to try those elf polishes! The price point is amazing as well.