September 28, 2013

College Wardrobe: Pants. Skirts and Dresses

College Wardrobe: Pants, skirts and dresses

In the last edition of the College Wardrobe I'd like to talk about what are some of the essential dresses, skirts and pants to have in college. The previous editions: [tops][shoes][accessories]

I think one of the most important items in any closet, but especially a college wardrobe, are a nice pair of dark wash denim. They make your legs appear longer and add a layer of sophistication. As I've mentioned before, this another great way to look a little bit more mature than you might feel.

It is good to have a nice pair of perfectly distressed jeans, because you can not be all serious in college. You need to have some fun and this will probably the last few years when you can get away with wearing pants with holes in them. I like to have a pair that is slightly distressed but does not look sloppy. No huge knee holes for me. No holes on the back area either. 

A pencil skirt is a must. A black one will go with any top, but a patterned one will make you stand out from the crowd. It is good to have one in case of an impromptu interview. You could also transform it into a going out skirt- just add some sparkly shoes or a top. 

It is always nice to have some dresses, because they are so easy to wear. I'd suggest getting a floral dress . Wearing a busy print (such as florals) can be distracting, so if you pulled an all nighter and don't want to look it, use this dress as disguise. 

Make sure to pack a flirty-fun dress that you feel good in that you can dress up or down. There are plenty of occasions in college when you are unsure of what to wear. Having a dress that I felt great in saved me so many times. 

And last but not least is a little black dress. I think everyone should own one (at least). If you are trying to impress someone (*cough ex-boyfriend cough*) or score a great seats in a restaurants, wearing a L.B.D. helps boost your confidence level. Black dresses are slimming and make you look like you have your life together, even when you don't.

What are some of your College Wardrobe Essentials?


  1. I loooove that peplum pencil skirt! So cute!


  2. You can never have too many LBDs :o). Xx

  3. Love the pretty dresses and a cool pair of distressed jeans are a must!

  4. I swear by LBDs - honestly most of my dresses are black - they are just too perfect for so many different occasions! I loved this College Wardrobe series by the way - it has made me question why I don't have some of these staples in my wardrobe already!

  5. Love this post! I've lost a couple of sizes and I have been shopping and rebuilding my wardrobe. I agree with all your pieces, especially LBDs and dark wash jeans!

  6. I'm not crazy about the pencil skirts you used in this post but I do love the distressed jeans!

  7. I really need a Peplum skirt! But I LOVED wearing skirts to college. Also, I love skirts. So that could be why ;)