September 25, 2013

Fancy Wallets

Fancy Wallets
Fancy Wallets
Clockwise starting with the red stud wallet from GoJane/ perforated white kiss-lock from Charlotte Russe
green suede chain linked quilted from TopShop/ blue wallet from John Lewis
b&w zig zag and leather studded wallets from Target

When I go out on the weekends I don't like to carry around a huge purse. When you're at the club or at a bar, having to drag a handbag is a party no-no.

So what's my solution?
A cute wallet.

You might be thinking... why just buy a nice clutch? Well, in my opinion, I think a wallet is better because during the daytime you can easily revert back to using it as an accessory and just throw it into a bag for daily use while shopping or running errands; meanwhile a clutch is its own sort of bag... and a bag in a bag makes no sense.

On the left side I've chosen 3 wristlets, which are smaller wallets that you can carry by wrapping them around your wrist . These are perfect for going out dancing because you don't have to worry about dropping or losing your valuables. The wallets on the right are your traditional wallets with a bit of an edge. These are great for dinner night out or a bar meeting with friends.

Do you replace your handbag with just a wallet? What are your reasons?


  1. I love the ones you picked out! The Topshop one is my favourite!
    - Charlotte

  2. I love that cobalt blue wallet!


  3. Ooh! I love all of these! I'm flipping back and forth between wallets and clutches right now. As long as I can fit cards, money and a phone I'm usually fine with a wallet. If I need keys or lipgloss then a clutch or handbag is a necessity.

  4. I always carry one of these- I NEVER need to carry around a big bag because all I take with me to most places is lip gloss, money, and my phone. These sizes are perfect!

  5. Love that blue wallet! It's a fave color of mine