December 08, 2013

What is Style?



I like this description a lot; I find it quite accurate. 

It's hard to describe style in my opinion. I don't like confining myself to 2 or 3 adjectives in order to describe what I like. I think style is not only a description of fashion choices, but also personality. Seeing how a person acts is also a representation of their style in a way.

Have you ever been enchanted by a stranger? 
Sometimes I see a random person amongst rush hour in Portland, who without speaking conveys so much. Their confidence (or lack thereof) shining through. The way they react to tripping over a pothole or a homeless person asking for money. The way they carry their bags. Or the way they just stand there motionlessly or maybe twitching their leg nervously.

I feel like all those little things make up a person's style.

What does style mean to you?


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  3. Really great post dear! I think style is very hard to define, especially if we're referring to the general sense. The way we dress is more of a reflection who we are, it shows a side of us. Hugs!! ♥

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  4. Lovely post indeed. Style can also tell what person is like. For example if someone is dressed a little bit edgy that person might give an 'I-don't-care' impression or if someone is dressed elegant and conservative, it can mean that person likes to be organized. And similar. That's how I interpret style. Which leads us back to Rachel Zoe's quote :) xx


  5. Rachel Zoe's quote is right on! I think style is about experimentation too. Part of me is still trying to figure out who I am, whether it's at work or on the weekend, and I think our wardrobe can reflect that. :)


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