April 12, 2013

Event Recap: Portland Poshmark Meetup

Last week we had the fabulous opportunity to attend a Poshmark Meetup in Portland at aloft hotel’s W xyz bar. We were honored to have met Manish Chandra, the founder and CEO of Poshmark (how exciting is that?!) and LyAnn Chhay, the director of Community at Poshmark, and  of course had so much fun meeting some wonderful PDX poshers. The night consisted of sipping wine, munching on macaroons, and of course -FASHION.
Us with Manish (right) and LyAnn (left)

The idea for a PDX meetup originally came from GordoMom (check out her closet), but when she couldn’t find enough PDX poshers LyAnn offered to help and sent out a mass email to all PDX poshers. Furthermore, LyAnn and Manish decided to fly out and spend the evening at our meetup. Because we had the founder in attendance we were able to ask him many questions about the app, like how to deal with remorseful buyers (those who buy and don’t want to pay up!) or when the android app is going to be available (in the fall most likely).

The hope from GordoMom, the other poshers and us is to continue to meet once a month. So if you are in the Portland/Vancouver area, let us know in the comments we'd love to meet you and shop your closets!

The group and LyAnn (middle polka dot dress)

If you aren't familiar with Poshmark check out this post by the Bliss List


  1. This looks like so much fun, and you girls are so beautiful! I hope you had an awesome time! (:

    1. It was so much fun! Do you use Poshmark Brittany?

    2. Nope! I have no idea what it is, to be honest! I'll have to look into it!

    3. Do you have an iPhone? It's an iphone app that you can use to sell your clothing. It's like ebay and instagram put together. It's super easy to use, they handle shipping and everything!

  2. This looks like a fun night! xo http://thedressychick.com

  3. Are you still having Meetups? I'm in Portland and would love to join. https://poshmark.com/closet/lunraura