April 05, 2013

5 Figure Flattering Rain Jackets

Spring is here meaning lots of rain! Rain jackets are a must, especially if you live in the Northwest, because you can't carry your umbrella everywhere. So a cute rain jacket or trench provides a good alternative for staying dry and warm. The problem is that many rain jackets are blocky and don't do justice to anyone's figure. 

Here at BFF we've compiled 5 beautiful rain jackets with a figure flattering fit that are perfect for those spring showers.

Fitted Spring Rain Jackets

1. From Target - Merona® Women's Anorak Jacket - $39.99 

This jacket is from Target and comes in a variety of colors.It's lightweight and the polka dots give it a fun and girly feel. Best of all it's under $50.

2. From REI - Kyoto Trench Rain Jacket - $149 

I love the color of this trench rain jacket from REI. but if you'd like it comes in 3 other colors (red, blue, and black). Another awesome thing about this jacket is the side belts, which allow for adjusting and fitting around the waist giving the illusion of a waistline.

3. From Eddie Bauer - WeatherEdge® Long Trench Coat - $199 

For a dressier way to stay dry, check out this trench rain jacket from Eddie Bauer. Made from nylon fabric this jacket is lightweight and not bulky like some other trench, it's perfect for spring. Available also in black.

4. From North Face - Sereyna Hooded Rain Jacket - $149 

Anything purple always catches my eye, but this jacket not only caught my eye because of the color, but because of the brand. North Face is a quality brand, and has proven time and time again that it is one of the leaders in all things outerwear. Not only is this jacket sleek, but it is also light and perfect for someone on the go.

5. From Columbia - Auroras Wake™ II Rain Jacket - $50 

Columbia Sportswear is always one of my go to places for outerwear (and it's a northwest staple). Like the previous jackets, this rain jacket has an adjustable waist for a figure flattering fit. It also comes in 4 other colors, including the classics - black and white.

What are your favorite spring rain jackets? Do you have a preference, or do you only carry an umbrella? Let us know below in the comments.


  1. I love cute coats! I need a better rain coat, though. That polka dot one from Target is amazing, and I love that green one!


    1. Does it rain a lot in your area? A rain jacket is definitely an investment here in Oregon! :)

  2. #1 is my favourite! Polka dots are always a winner in my books:)

    1. Can't go wrong with polka dots! They make you look instantly chic and put together imo.

  3. I like all of these rain jackets you have picked, with the amount of rubbish weather we are having in the UK, I need a new one. I really like number 3.



    1. A good rain jacket or trench is definitely a good investment. It rains a lot here in Oregon too!

  4. I was just thinking the other day how I need a rain jacket....because (surprise) in Erie PA it's still raining!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    And yes! I would love to have a guest post from you! Just shoot me an email! Anything that inspires you will work!

    Also, if you are looking to to get some extra exposure, I am hosting a HUGE collaborative giveaway on my blog next month. It's only $5 to join and you will not only get your face and blog linked up on all the posts with the giveaway form but you will also get ALL of your social media attached in the Rafflecopter form for people to follow for entries! Let me know in an email if you are interested :) I'd love to have you!


    1. We'll have to discuss it, but great idea about that giveaway!

  5. I have a Nautica rain jacket with a tie for the waist to show off my figure. Banana Yellow!