May 24, 2013

4 Skincare Benefits of Aloe Vera

One of my best kept secrets (not so much after this post) is aloe vera. Aloe vera has many medicinal uses from helping with intestinal problems to relief from insect bites. Most people use aloe vera when trying to find relief from sunburn, but actually aloe vera is great for everyday use on your skin! Here are 5 skincare benefits of aloe vera gel.
Best kept secrets: aloe vera

Aloe Vera as a moisturizer

Aloe vera is a great moisturizer because it is non-greasy, and absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling moisturized but not oily or heavy. It is especially great for people who have sensitive or oily skin, and is all natural containing no harmful ingredients. I use it before my foundation in the morning, and at night after using my astringent.

Overnight skin repair with aloe vera

As I mentioned above, I use aloe vera gel at night before bed. Aloe vera helps speed up skin repair (Why do you think it’s used for sunburns?). At a micro level regenerated cells help heal burns and scarring helping give you better looking skin.

Preventing pimples with aloe vera

Many people don’t know this but aloe vera has antibacterial properties. As a result, using aloe vera gel on your face helps reduce acne by penetrating your skin and killing any pore clogging bacteria.

Aloe Vera can reduce dark spots

When I first started using aloe vera this is one of the first things I noticed: my skin was becoming more even. As a olive-tone skinned person, I am very prone to dark marks and uneven skin, whether from the sun or acne spots, but aloe vera helped reduce the appearance of dark spots and evened out my skin.

I use the cheap aloe vera gel that you can find at any drugstore, but there are also special aloe vera lotions like the Burt's Bee's I showed above.

Have you ever used aloe vera for anything other than sunburn relief?


  1. Aloe moisturizer isy savior! I love it!

    1. Me too! I love that it's non greasy and fast absorbing.

  2. Hi dear, this is a really great and informative post, I haven't tried using aloe vera before but the benefits sound excellent.

  3. Oh I love using products with aloe helped my skin too..


  4. This is so interesting!
    Thanks for the tips.
    Jen & Kelly

  5. I LOVE using aloe vera for sunburns! It really helps with not peeling (aka I never peel when I use it!) Great article! xo

    1. yes, and it also helps sooth skin from irritation.
      Thanks for commenting :)

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