June 29, 2013

Dress to Impress: Fourth of July

Fourth of July festivities are happening this weekend! We will be celebrating this holiday with a family barbecue and then a bonfire at the beach with our mutual friends.

Clara's Outfits:


My first outfit (on the left) is for a laid back 4th of July. A beach trip and a bonfire with friends means swimsuits while you hang out, eat hot dogs, and take a dip in the water. Additionally, for later that night for when you're getting ready to watch the fireworks and the summer air starts to get chilly, you might want to change out of your bathing suit into some real clothes. So I chose a comfy pair of shorts and a sweater to pair with some Toms. Of course, you'll also need a nice tote to hold everything in!

My second outfit is for a barbecue with the family (or the boyfriend's family!). It's an outfit that doesn't scream "4th of July" but you're still dressed for the occasion. I paired a nice royal blue peplum (because we all know Clara [me] loves peplum) with some black shorts and some red mary jane wedges. My favorite part of this outfit is the necklace; it's still very festive without going overboard and it adds just the perfect holiday touch.

Natalia's Outfits:

July 4th outfits
For any family gathering, such as a 4th of July barbecue, I like to slightly dress up. There are a few aunts in my family that like to lecture 'the young" on proper attire. Somehow they've got it in their heads that young people these days only wear jeans and ratty old shirts. (SOOO NOT True-in most cases anyways). I chose a simple blue striped dress and paired it with red & gold accessories.
A few hours later I'll be heading down to the beach for a bonfire with friends. I'll throw on a loose white T-shirt and denim shorts. To add some American spirit to the outfit I'll wear an American flag printed scarf.  I always like to stack on bracelets and rings when my outfit is quite simple. To the bonfire I chose a triangle ring and a stack of gold bangles. To add another level of 'easiness' to the outfit I chose some aviators. To finish off this casual outfit I'd throw on a pair of my staple shoes- white converse. I do not know what I would do without mine. As I usually say, when in doubt-wear converse.

As far as hair and makeup, I'd curl my hair in big curls in the morning. As the day progresses they would loosen up and be sort of beachy waves by the time I start heading down to the bonfire.  Because I will be wearing sunglasses all day (especially since both events are outside) I'll focus on making my lips stand out with a deep red lipstain. My current favorite is Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain (stay tuned for a longer review in the June Favorites). My nails is where I usually show off my creative side. I'd like to try and do the manicure art above. It looks pretty simple with the exception of the heart detail.

What are your plans for 4th of July? What will you be wearing?

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  1. Love the righty outfits and your descriptions

    xx http://everything-classy-and-fabulous.blogspot.com.au/

  2. great outfit picks!

  3. Super cute post my darlings, really love the outfits you both put together, would love to wear all of them! ^^ Great work! <3

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  4. lovely pieces<3
    maybe you want to follow each other? :) Let me know:)

  5. nominated you for the liebster award on my blog!


  6. Love these adorably chic looks, the striped dress ensemble is my favourite!

  7. the blue and white striped dress is my pick :)

  8. I like the combo of red and blue in clothes!
    Such cute looks!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  9. I love these outfits! They're perfectly patriotic and still super cute!


  10. Great outfits! I'm especially loving the red shoes with the ankle straps in the first collage. And I really like the blue/white dress in the second one. It reminds me of a sailor outfit! Very perfect outfits for the 4th : )


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