June 07, 2013

Liebster Award

    We were nominated for Liebster Award by the lovely Lory at No Money for High Fashion and by Penny Rose at Pink And Petals. Thank you so much for nominating us girls! We are so excited to get to know more bloggers. Here is how we divided the questions between ourselves.

     11 Facts About Yourself 

    1. My bedroom is a bright yellow color.
    2. I was a ballroom dancer for 6 years
    3. I did not speak a word of English until I was 13 y.o.
    4.Cucumbers and beets are my favorite vegetables.
    5. I lived on the East Coast for a couple years.

    6. I love carrot cake.
    7. Favorite color is purple.
    8. I like to wear colorful socks.
    9. I rock a damn good cat eye.
    10. Love avocados.
    11. I love to play tennis.
     * First 5 are facts about Natalia and 6-11 is Clara*

     Here are Lory's questions- answered by Natalia
    1. First thing that comes into your mind reading "Love". This Parachute song. Twinkling lights and all.
    2. What is the thing you like best about your look? My eyes.
    3. Describe yourself in five words. Sarcastic. Optimistic. Aloof. Succinct. Overthinks.
    4. Favorite clothing brands? LC Lauren Conrad. H&M. Elle. Chanel. Marc Jacobs.
    5. How many pairs of shoes do you have? SO many!
    6. Why or how did you start blogging? The way this blog came about is quite funny, read about it here.
    7. Are/were you a good student at school? Yup. Over achiever all the way.
    8. Flats, Heels or Sneakers? Why? For everyday I wear flats because I walk a lot. For a fun night out definitely heels. Sneakers-only to workout.
    9. Your style icon. I don't have one person in mind. I get inspired by magazines and people around me.
    10. What is your favorite quote and why? The best is yet to come.& Life goes on. -Because I worry too much about the things I have no control over.
    11. How does a blog have to look for you to think it looks great? I like blogs that are clear and do not have a million things in the sidebar. Light graphics and easy to read text is a plus. 

      Here are Penny Rose Petal's questions- answered by Clara

      1. Who's your favorite blogger? Flordemariafashion
      2. How often do you post new blogs? Each of us tries to post at least once a week.
      3. What's your favorite season? Fall
      4. What's your one makeup product you can't leave the house without? Eyeliner
      5. What's your favorite spring trend? Florals
      6. What's your favorite scent? Daisy or Dot by Marc Jacobs
      7. How many followers do you have? Currently we have 86
      8. Who's your role model? Hilary Clinton
      9. Do you have any pets? If so what kind of animal? A cat named Kiki
      10. Favorite part about having a blog? Getting to know people who are as obsessed with fashion and beauty as we are.
      11. Goals for the future? Find an awesome job in my field, travel a lot and be happy. 

      Now it's YOUR turn. Post 11 facts about yourself. Answer all 11 of our questions. Come up with 11 of your own questions. Nominate blogs with less than 200 followers for the award.

      Here are the questions for the blogs we nominated.
      1. What is one beauty item that you adore, but no one else talks about?
      2. What is your favorite book?
      3. What is your Dream job?
      4. What is your favorite store? Where do you shop the most?
      5. What is your favorite song/band?
      6. What is your signature scent?
      7. What is one of your embarrassing moments?
      8. Why did you start blogging?
      9. What is one thing you'd really like to do this summer?
      10. What is your favorite app? (Not including social media ones ;)
      11. When you think of a perfect day what does it look like (I'm not talking about weather ;))?

      Blogs we nominated are:
      YOU! --> If you're reading this post and you'd really like to answer any or all of the questions feel free to do so! We would love to read your answers so please leave us a link in the comments. :) 


      1. Congratulations! Getting an award like this shows that people really enjoy your blog and want you to succeed! Well done, keep it up :)


        1. Aww thank you for your sweet comment! We were so excited to be given this award! :)

      2. I can't believe you didn't speak English til you were 13, you seem really good at it.

        Corinne x

        1. Thank you! Yeah. It took some time before I was able to speak it fluently. :)


      3. Congrats!!!! Nice blog!!!
        Would you like to follow each other?

      4. Congratulations! It's so nice to be able to get to know you a little better!

        Thank you so much for the nomination! I can't wait to get some time to do this! (:

        1. Thanks Brittany! We're looking forward to reading your answers! :))

      5. Congratulations to you both!
        We Love reading these questions and answers - so interesting!
        Jen & Kelly